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Greenlandic designer in the NEW YORK POST!!!

Greenland designer in the New York Post I had Paula Froelich visiting in my sewing mil some years back.  The interest in our National Costume was huge both positive and negative. why? parts of it is made by sealskin. Did you know that the Greenlandic sealskin is only our bi-product... We only hunt the seal for meat. And with a great respect for our  bio eco system. we only Wear our National Costume  on special occasiones. Like Baptism, confirmations, weddings and funerals. It is all made by hand and not a single one looks similiar to another. We all have our own patterns and fabrics. I am currently making new embroidery on my Kamiks.- since I had the other ones from the age of 13 -I think it is about time to change. And our upcoming wedding is a great place to reveal the new embroideries. I started by drawing the flowers by hand and colored them in colores i really like.  And now for the terapeutic part - embroiding. This Work will take my months in between meals, Work, kids, laundry and so on.. I hope you will follow the link to see more. thank you for reading, Louise

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