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Nuuk Couture

- Bringing cultural heritage into the present

Welcome to a stylish, timeless and honest design in high quality - with a twist of the Greenlandic Culture. Welcome to Nuuk Couture. Greenlandic designer Louise Lynge Berthelsen has driven Nuuk Couture since 2010. Her designs are always produced in soft and delicious materials for women in Greenland and/or to women with an interest in indigenous people. “My idea of making clothes inspired by our national costume, was to take something very important to us and make it into an everyday item, in order to remind us of our proud, cultural heritage,” Louise Lynge Berthelsen says.

Traditional embroidery is the ID

The inspiration for Nuuk Couture’s signature is the colourful and traditional embroidery "Avittat". For centuries, Greenlandic women have put great honour in their skills within the art of stitching. Even today “Avittat” embroideries adorns the Greenlandic national suit on trousers, camels and hair clips. Louise Lynge Berthelsen’s own version of the traditional embroidery actually started as a sample test, but has now for several years been the signature of Nuuk Couture.

Quality and design go hand in hand

Louise Lynge Berthelsen is the only designer who makes designs from the bottom, and also runs her business from Greenland. And she puts a great effort into ensuring the quality of her designs, from fabric to consumer. ”The design is just as important for me as the quality. I only sell designs that I would like to wear myself. That is also why I only work with Swan Labelled fabrics,” Louise Lynge Berthelsen says. Not two national uniforms are the same. And wearing clothes from Nuuk Couture should bring out that same sense: the feeling of being someone special and at the same time belonging to a unique culture. Nuuk Couture - stylish clothes from Greenland to the world!


// Louise

6 short facts about
Nuuk Couture

Women’s clothing design company founded in 2010 by designer

Louise Lynge Berthelsen


Educated from Columbine International Design School and Beklædningsfagskolen in Denmark


In a larger green strategy, we plant trees than can absorb C02 - this is our way of giving back to the earth.


Clothes are produced both in the EU and outside. Nuuk Couture can vouch for the workers' safety and working conditions


We only deal in our shop in Nuuk, this way you get the best service directly from the designer herself.


Nuuk Couture has contributed to the Amazon bestselling book "She did it." 


Nuuk Couture ApS
Contact:Louise Lynge Berthelsen

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