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Registration of laboratory work: rules, example Laboratory work is one of the types of student's independent work. In its implementation, the already studied theoretical material is used. But often in the process of preparing such a task, the student has many questions, first of all, about its design. It will be discussed in this article from writers. Laboratory work includes:

  • title page;

  • goals and tasks;

  • brief theoretical material;

  • equipment for work;

  • experimental results;

  • analysis of results;

  • conclusion .

Writing a lab To cope with this task, you need to clearly understand what the work should consist of recommend authors. As in any student task, the following elements are mandatory here: introduction, main part, conclusion. Introduction This part of the laboratory work is no different from the introduction of other types of work. Here the student must indicate the relevance of the study, identify the problem, object and subject, set the goal to be achieved and the tasks that will be applied to the achievement. Main part This section of the work consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. In the theoretical one, it is necessary to describe the methods that will help in the study, indicate the scientific works that were relied upon during the work and what impact the theory will have when doing practice. In the practical part of the work, you need to conduct a laboratory study and describe in detail all its steps says writing experts. Here you need to solve the problem that was posed in the introduction and come to the goal. Write all the results and how you achieved them, what methods you used. Conclusion Here you need to provide a summary of the study. Its essence. Write the conclusions reached during the laboratory work. These three elements of the lab are mandatory and omitting them can greatly affect the final assessment and the study as a whole.

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