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Novelty in a Ph.D. Thesis

Scientific novelty is directly included in the list of requirements for PhD theses. This term refers to fundamentally new knowledge. Something that was not in other published works. For example, novelty includes new methods for solving a specific problem or a complete analysis and systematization of sources, data for a certain period of time.

The requirement is relatively mild. As a useful dissertation, works with the presence of elements of scientific novelty are considered. And this means that research does not have to be new in everything. Enough individual aspects. We can even talk about an experiment that showed different results and was staged according to new rules.

In addition to novelty, the relevance and usefulness of the knowledge gained must also be present. The formal substantiation of novelty plays an important role: simply declaring it is not enough. Reflecting the issue of novelty in the concept of a Ph.D. thesis, the author saves a lot of time. Since this is not such a simple aspect of preparing quality work.

Abstracts, provisions that the author submits for defense

The development of the theses submitted for defense is one of the most difficult tasks for a candidate for a scientific degree. Largely due to the fact that the fundamental nature, the content of the scientific work itself, depends on the correctness of the provisions. And that means literally everything is at stake. Unsuccessful provisions will lead to the fact that the Ph.D. thesis will lose its novelty and will not be accepted for defense.

The importance of scientific work

Significance can be different:

  • Fundamental. This means that the information received, the knowledge developed will be used for a better understanding of the issue and further research on the subject, a certain area.

  • Applied. That is, one that is practice-oriented. In such a case, the provisions and results of the Ph.D. thesis can be used to solve the problems facing specialists. The most obvious option is new approaches to algorithmizing, solving typical problems in the development of software products, which significantly reduce system requirements and resource consumption.

Reflection of significance allows you to immediately understand how the work can be used. Understanding the scientific significance of labor also allows you to better understand issues of relevance. Often, in the concept of a Ph.D. thesis, future conclusions are outlined, and a research plan is also prepared.

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