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If you are thinking about refinancing your federal student loans, know that you will automatically disqualify yourself from federal benefits. Some of these include repayment plans, such as Income-Based Repayment, student loan forgiveness programs, and death and disability protections. Some private lenders, however, have similar programs that are nearly the same or even better than the federal equivalents. For those who are not good at taking standardized tests, looking into online business schools that don’t require a GMAT score to be presented during the application process can ease some of the stress, and potentially calm shaking hands, or erase the worry lines across the forehead. Before you think about applying, check out what the admission requirements are from the business schools you’ve targeted.

Also, you should never stop making your loan payments until you know that the refinancing has been approved. If you stop making payments, you will hurt your credit score and you may best assignment help at even disqualify yourself for the refinancing you were seeking. London School of Business & Finance, which carries a strong international reputation, and offers a variety of courses of study and scheduling options, can be just the type of programme you need gain the type of degree or qualification that will take your career to the next level. So here are some of the things you should consider as you look towards applying to LSBF’s graduate school courses or gaining professional credentials.

A quarter of all college students report academic consequences from their drinking—lower grades, missed classes, or a harder time staying afloat with their course work. Again, this is perhaps not such a surprising statistic. That college kids drink to their detriment is not a newsflash, yet it is a pervasive and ongoing problem—enough of one that a firm and serious reminder is very much in order. Excessive drinking may be fun for a minute but its consequences quickly turn bleak—and in some cases, ruinous.

If you think that you want to refinance your loans, talk with your loan servicer today. They will be able to help you determine the benefits you will receive from doing so and they can also alert you to any cons you may need to deal with at the same time. be sure to take into account the various options for online, part-time and full-time studies, some of which will allow you to continue with your professional career as your earn your degree, credential, or both.

Remember it’s never too late to return to school and improve your career prospects, and the sooner you do the quicker you’ll be thanking yourself for it.

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