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How does a cameraman shoot a beautiful video?

Collected in one post personal TOP secrets of Baba Sabatovsky on shooting with hands, steadicam and slider.

1. Handheld shooting

All you need for your first camerawork move is a camera.

It is important that the video weighs a decent amount, around 2-2. Then you can get a lot of text thanks to well, and operate the video more conveniently without stabilization.

The main thing is to have three points of contact. For example, holding the handgrip at the top and holding the sensor at the elbow.

This makes it very comfortable to hold and operate.

A moving dynamics in the frame is also considered to be a cameraman's movement. Add dynamics where there is none, but don't overdo it.

2. Panning from a tripod

Sometimes all you need to do to make a camerawork move is to put the camera on a tripod and do a wire or pan.

Here you need a big tripod with a smooth head. It should be a video tripod, not a photo tripod.

The tripod itself helps you do smooth movements and you don't even need a stabilizer.

For table top photography, we use a lightweight camera that is attached to the tripod.

And if you add a rotation, you get a very cool dynamics.

3. 3. Taking pictures with slider

The first thing you want to do is just drive back and forth. But you can combine this motion with translating the video into text format or even panning your head.

Then it won't just be a left-to-right detour, but also a paralax.

Be realistic

It may feel like you'll have more time in the future, more motivation, and generally wake up a different person one day.

This feeling is deceptive. In that case, it's worth breaking the work down and starting now.

Just start.

"Haha, so much for advice" (c) the person flipping through the tape instead of working on an important project.

In fact, if you get over yourself and start working, you'll get caught up. Difficult tasks like transcribing will become less difficult thanks to just from the fact of "touching it."

Now you can dilute any shot, whatever it is, and make it more cinematic and interesting. RELATED RESOURCES: university transcription services

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