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When old meets new - and the big question: would I wear it???

I got a great question the other day: How do you work and what is your inspiration? I have always been inspired by our beautiful Naional is not  only because it is beautiful as hell ... But because it is made from the finest craftsmanship. All share a piece of our history, and evidence of a creativity beyond the normal. The suit is composed of tiny pieces of leather, threads, beads which together form the most beautiful unique patterns. Not one suit is similar. And just that fact motivates me, in designing clothes. Creating something unique - that gets the woman carrying the clothes to feel Unique.I'm very inspired by the leather embroideries. called: avittat. I could never dream of, to copy the pattern or made something that faithfully resembles the original. Therefore, I also (with the help of a graphic designer friend) created this symmetrical pattern - reminiscent of a leather embroidery.When I started doing my signature pattern in 2013, there were many other designers inspired by Greenlandic symbols. I wanted to create my own characteristics as a development of something old into something new, in a way no one had ever done before.The way I did it was with great  respect for the old. Work in Progress:My approach in the development of a design has become much more systematized with the years and the experience I have gained.I still wakeup at night and have to draw an idea down ... therefore I always have a pad and pencil next to my bed.My ideas are always based on the woman that comes into the store.  What does she need to her wardrope? how old is she? How can she combinate the style and the colors. Of course I am influenced by trends and fashion right now, but that said that Greenlandic women have their own style and often blows at what the trend is in for example Europe right now.It is often enough that the clothes are beautiful, comfortable and symbolizes our pride to our country, culture and roots.We have abundance of beautiful women whom wearing my designs lifts my designs to another level of beautifullness  -it is in fact her wearing the clothes  that make the clothes more special. First I develope the blueprint for the production itself, then the process continues to the manufacturer, the development of material that will be used, the preparation of sizes, colors, and the print or embroidery is also produced.When these matters are reached then comes a sample. This should be assessed by check and not at least wash tested.Then it is the price that determines whether the style is to be made or not ...My own basic rule is always: Would I Wear it? If yes, then it is certainly in the further development.if not, the process ends here, sometimes the clothes are put into production,  afterwards the fun part with the photo shoot and marketing starts and of course also the clothes are being put on sale. It is so privileged an experience when women come into the store and try on the clothes and gives it life. Therefore, I also attend the sale at the shop -it gives me so much energy to continue to design and create.Do I guard your interest in my design?Read more on our website:

or check our facebook site : Nuuk Couture ApS

Have a great weekend to all of you,


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