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The big E(!) day

Today is the big municipal election day in Greenland. A vote today will have a huge impact on where our society is headed. Days before the elections, among some politicians and voters the tone has been ruthless. Dragging in the politicians' privacy, their spouses, former addictions or failures ... Facebook comments with brutal striking pointers have reached headlines in the News . Which I really can´t see the importance of in the bigger picture? or is it only me thinking like this?

Our Past

At all days the Greenlandic population has always looked proudly at our Nation and our ancestors. We are attached to each other as family, friends, or by our past.

We are very proud of our cultural heritage.

We all have our past along as our luggage. There are parts that scares us, makes us proud, it hampers and encourages us ... I think it's a day like today we must choose to say - the bad from the past, we simply can not change, but how we deal with it in the present or in the future is where we can change.

“Yes I Can!” (said with the voice of Eddie Murphy in the Movie The Nutty Professor.) Today I wear my brand with pride. It tells a little bit of our heritage of hand artwork from our National Costume. That will be the thing from the past I bring along with me. I make my designs with pride, professionalism, and with the expectation that people will buy them, regardless if I gain 10 kilos, get another divorce, or had another sexual preference than other “normal” people… (yes I am referring to an incident on FB) When I vote today I will vote on someone who kept it on a professional level.

Handcraft Let me compare our society with one of our beautiful "avittat" Patterns- leather embroidery from kamiks. If you collect all the pieces proper it becomes a beautiful pattern full of love, made by hand, and with pride – if not, it becomes lopsided, unbalanced, and with the wrong color schemes. I am of the belief that if we do not collect a population with all its different values, morals or political affiliations in an association, the pattern will stumble. So with the same pride we put the pieces together in our National Costume – we should gather our elected representatives, with respect and determination - we might just be able to achieve the perfect pattern? I do not know I am “just” a designer ... and should not speculate on other people's thoughts ...

With this said:

I voted with my heart and choose someone that maintained a professional tone in the election campaign. And since I know there are more women who sew our National Costume, I have chosen a woman J

Have a great election day.


Me and the strong women of my Family on my fathers side. All wearing our own individual handmade National Costume - some 32 years ago.

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