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Blue Fashion Challenge - my contribution

Opdateret: 9. okt. 2018

I am in love! With fashion! To be more excactly, fashion made by sustainable materials. The Blue Fashion Challenge held by NORA on the beautiful Faroe Islands became my dream come true workplace! Along with 10 other specially picked out Nordic designers - we had a Blue Fashion Challenge. And whom isn´t up for a challenge? The Blue - Means fashion designs made out of the Waste or sustainable materials we get from fishing and the sealhunting in Greenland. And before you go nuts about the seal thing. Get this thing straight! Sealskin from Greenland are a biproduct from the sealhunt. We (the Hunters of Greenland) hunt the seal for meat. Yes! that´s right - we eat it, as European people eat, fish, cows, pigs and so on. Only different cause we´we been such a hunted native people by activist from several animal rights organisations, is that when ever we shout a seal, and the "Waste" product- the skin is beeing sold -at a really low price- The sealskin is given a number. This number is the certificate that says, this seal was hunted in a human way, it lived in the ocean free untill it was shut. It was NOT hunted for the skin, but to be able to feed human beeings. AND it was NOT a baby seal!

okay, now that is said, back to the challenge... I wen´t from greenland on monday and arrived late afternoon on Faroe Islands. The weather was sunny, and  made a picture perfect scene for me as I arrived. Ready for a guided tour by Jakúp - must be one of the nicest guy in NORA - and also in charge of the Whole event. After some rest, the challenge was set of the next morning. None of us knew what to expect- only that we had to make our new design at the venue. We did´nt know how the materials/ fabrics would look, how the colors would be and so on. I came into the sewing room- and I truely felt in heaven. Piles of fishskin, sealskin, fabrics, all the tools you needed, a table for every each and one of us. An industry machine for everyone of us. Plus all the other leather, fur, overlock and coverlock Machinery..... A Crea Heaven! My design was done on the last of the 3 working days. an hour before it all ended. I think it came out quite well, I even got a hounorable mention from the judges. And that felt like winning in itself. If you wan´t to see my live presentation they are all on NORA side on facebook -follow this link:

My mention is here :

and follow this link to see my design / and follow my page -more news are to come!:

When I left Faroe Islands it was with a full suitcase of new friends, best inspirational tour ever, and a heart overfloading with love to my profession - Designing! I really hope you will go in and see all the other participants contributions and all the nice pictures, Bue fashion isn´t done - the adventure has just started!

Kind regards,


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